North West Donegal

Parentstop is a universal parent support service based in Co Donegal – why not call the one nearest to where you live or work and make an appointment to come in for a chat.

carnThis is one piece of the family support jigsaw on offer in the county and provides free and confidential one-to-one, telephone and group support to parents who need some help with parenting challenges. Whether it is bedtime routine, managing behaviour, parenting skills, putting in place a parenting plan, setting boundaries, school concerns, communication breakdown, worries about teens, substance misuse – anything that concerns you right now then Parentstop is here to offer support. We can listen while you talk it out, provide information on your specific parenting concern and advise you on the next steps to facing that challenge.

Parentstop is offered in the North West of Co Donegal hosted currently by Mevagh FRC,
t: 087 71 49789.


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