Parentstop offers a place and space to talk about parenting challenges – at Parentstop we are all about meeting the needs of parents facing any kind of parenting challenge. Mostly parents phone our services in Letterkenny or any of the outreach service areas and make an appointment to talk to someone on a one-to-one basis. Usually an appointment lasts for about 1 hour and you have the place and space to talk about whatever the parenting challenge. Many parents come back again for  a few more appointments  trying out different suggestions and taking small steps to get to where they want to be.

This is a free service supported by public finance and all information is confidential between the Parent Support Service and the individual parent. Your data is protected and records are held on the numbers coming to the service and the type of challenge or support required. The only exception to this is under Children First where a disclosure has been made concerning Child Protection.

This support is for all parents; guardians; co-parents; foster parents; carers; grandparents and those in parenting roles and our only requirement is that all parents  must want the support offered at Parentstop and in most cases make the appointment themselves. In many cases parents are advised to come by their GP; the Principal or  teacher at their child’s school; the local Garda; the PHN; other family support services; other health services; a family member; a friend; a counselor; or community worker – to name a few.