Mission Statement

ParentStop strives to play an active part in parenting support pathways for families across Co Donegal.


Aims & Objectives

The overall aim of ParentStop is to promote positive parenting by supporting those in parenting roles  (and other family members) to identify and develop their parenting skills and abilities. The main objects of ParentStop are as follows;

  • To act as a first point of contact for parents who need support;
  • To support parents advised to come by health, social care and family support services
  • To promote positive parenting and to develop and offer quality parental support;
  • To support parents and other family members to identify and improve their skills and abilities;
  • To empower parents to identify their own skills and resources and to listen to parents needs to support them at ParentStop and/or help them access another more relevant service;
  • To advocate parenting support needs at all practice and policy levels.

The objects set out above are the main objects of the Company and all other listed hereafter are subsidiary and ancillary thereto.

  • To adopt a community based approach recognising the importance of being located within the community.
  • To radiate an atmosphere of welcome, warmth and time-wealth for all parents who call while maintaining confidentiality
  • To support parents in accessing the resources of the community as required
  • To work to achieve quality parental support
  • To be aware that all children need a home where they can be parented well
  • To understand that all parents need support in the task of parenting in a skilful and creative fashion.
  • To have more skilled parents so that good parenting can be continued
  • To offer a listening facility through which, parents can speak out their fears, concerns and issues
  • To, at all times, employ user-friendly language
  • To promote and encourage active citizenship and volunteering in the provision of parent support
  • To target and support families most in need such families new to the area and from within new communities, those parenting on their own, teenage parents and others as the need arises
  • To ensure that all practises and policies are equality based and non-discriminatory
  • To fully comply with Children First Legislation and Guidelines – the child is paramount
  • To undertake research and analysis of parent support provision elsewhere
  • To co-operate with statutory and voluntary bodies and agencies within the area to facilitate a co-ordinated approach to supporting parents


Core Reporting, recording and compliance are as follows:

  • ParentStop CLG is a company limited by Guarantee with a CHY number and registered and compliant with the Charity Regulatory Authority. The organisation is a not for profit service provider governed by a voluntary Board of Directors and Board of Management under the Constitution and Memorandum of Association. ParentStop CLG reports under the responsibilities and principles of the Children First Act 2015
  • ParentStop CLG reports on a bi-annual basis (July and January) to current co-funders (TUSLA; HSE and NWRDATF) and provides updates and interim detail/data as requested.
  • Logic Model reporting tool used with NWRDATF and verification of 2017 accounts and policies and procedures took place in June 2018
  • Self-report template used with TUSLA – verification visit in February 2018 and HSE HPW – verification report August 2018
  • Annual Report on service provision and promotional work is produced each year
  • Audited Company Accounts (January-December each year) completed by an independent accountancy firm and auditor – and returns to revenue monthly and CRO annually
  • Reporting to www.lobbying.ie on any political lobbying carried out annually
  • Registered with and reporting to Charity Regulatory Authority since 2015 on company activities
  • In process of applying for approval under the Governance Code through The Wheel
  • Report on the Annual Report Card of the Children’s Rights Alliance
  • Other information as required by co-funders and Board of Directors