Parentstop will celebrate National Parents Week October 20th to 26th 2014

[headline][/headline]National Parents Week is in October 2014 – the theme has been about taking small steps to make one small change in how you live life as a family – think about making one small change for you and your family this year. Some ideas from families in Co Donegal last year –

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recognise and compliment the good behaviours;

have a family meal at the table and take time to chat and talk afterwards;

go for a picnic at the last minute when the sun shines;

take a walk out and about once a month as a family;

enjoy the local park or playground;

visit grandparents and ask them to tell you about life when they were a child;

smile and laugh a little bit more;

no matter about the mess – get cooking together;

try not to ‘sweat the small stuff’;

if it’s getting on top of you talk to someone;

take time out for ‘me’. [/button]


Parentstop is a free and confidential parent support service based in Co Donegal. Parents can call Parentstop for a chat or make an appointment to talk to one of our Parent Support Officers  who are located across the county. Any parenting challenge can be talked through and taking small steps parents can work through it.

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